The Time it Takes to Melt (my heart)
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Sci-fi and working with fictional characters proves to be very fecund in my dance practice. It connects my interest and passion for dance as a form of expression with another artistic practice that I have been exploring since 2018 with the Berlin-based collective OMSK Social Club: Live Action Role Play (LARP). LARP is a role-playing practice in which players embody characters and engage in a shared fictional reality, constantly co-creating it in play. In the multi-year collaboration with OMSK Social Club, the LARPs conducted focused on contemporary themes such as internet and rave culture, as well as fictional temporary autonomous zones. Some works from recent years in Berlin include S.M.i2.L.E. (2020, Volksb├╝hne Berlin) and UNREALISM (2021, Transmediale Berlin). 
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_____________ Live Action Role Play x Dance
_____ accompanying character

Based on the Jungian archetype of the "Eternal Boy" (Puer Aeternus), I have been working on a movement world, performativity as well as costumes/ possible scenarios for this character since 2020. The ambivalent archetype stands for a figure unwilling to grow up, not taking responsibility and destroying for pleasure - emblematic of a consumerist, capitalist society. At the same time, the Eternal Boy is never satisfied with the status quo and always seeks change, belonging, intensity and excitement. In the physical research, I developed a nervous, explosive physicality, along with arrhythmic choreographic strategies and a demanding, latently aggressive presence. Parts of this accompanying character have been ingested in my works handle with care and HORIZON PROBLEMS.