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handle with care
Would you come over? My world is whirled by stormy weather. The horizon leans constantly forward and I’ve lost order so time spits. My hands are empty. All around me and all around you are numbers of people constantly balancing things, fixing things, breaking things, humans-in-the-loop.

In the dance performance »handle with care« a group of performers seeks to embrace uncertainty and moments of limbo as a baseline for a current present and a reality yet to come. Teeming on the threshold of collapse and reconstruction they explore various situations through movement practices created through mechanics of live action role play.
this is not about cleaving fact from fiction, it’s more about how both are arranged and organized in my memory, how the images are becoming and collapsing in my scattered brain while i’m talking to you.
concept, choreography, dance: Judith Förster
dance: Hannah Krebs, Sunayana Shetty
text, dramaturgy: Isabel Gatzke
music: Fjóla Gautadóttir
set and costume: Martin Sieweke, André Uerba
outside eye: Sigal Zouk

film concept, camera, editing: Stella Horta
soundmix: Mathias Steiner
production: Sofia Fantuzzi
with kind support from
i look to you and i see nothing.

this place is a dump, a waste land, a playground of a closed down gallery. behind these doors is a dead end, no one comes here by chance, very few by intention.
In addition the work was accompanied by three radio shows in which voices and sounds, facts and fiction coincide, inviting listeners to experience a dance work in an unusual way.
Unrehearsed and full of sounds, voices, laughter and embarrassment
of being alive, they were streamed mid May 2021 on Mixlr.
all pictures (c) Stella Horta